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Dental lasers and treating gum disease

Market Mall Dental Care offers patients in Calgary laser services for their dental treatments. Our lasers can help with treating periodontitis and gum disease.

Laser dentistry is an effective treatment method for dental issues. There are many types of dental lasers in use, but the ones that are used to treat periodontitis are usually soft tissue lasers, ideal for treating gums.

Visit our office at Market Mall in Calgary to learn more about laser treatment for gum disease.

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Benefits to using a dental laser to treat gum disease

Gum disease-causing bacteria lives around the root of the tooth. Traditionally, a dentist would need to cut and peel back the gum to gain access to the affected area. Diseased tissue is scraped and cleaned away, and then the gum stitched back together to heal.

Dental lasers are much less invasive than traditional means. It’s even possible to treat gum disease without slicing the gum open. A laser is used to heat and destroy the bacteria.

Here are a few benefits of laser treatment:

  • The procedure is less invasive.
  • Patient discomfort may be minimized during the procedure. 
  • Post-operative care is kept to a minimum. 
  • Less tissue is removed during the procedure.

Laser services at Market Mall Dental Care

Laser services can be offered to all patients, depending on the severity of the issues.  

With any procedure there’ll be some level of discomfort, either during or after the procedure as you heal.

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