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Our dental team at Market Mall Dental Care in Calgary offers nitrous oxide sedation services to help treat anxious patients and complete complex procedures. 

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Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide is administered by gradually adding it to initial 100% oxygen until you start to feel its effects, in most cases in about five minutes, which at this time you will be breathing in at least 40% oxygen, almost double regular air.

Oxide sedation is delivered either through a nasal mask, which is connected to one canister of oxygen, and one of nitrous oxide. Unlike IV or Oral Sedation, Oxide Sedation also works as an anaesthetic. 

Oral Sedation Services in Northwest Calgary

Oxide Sedation FAQs

  • What are the pros of Oxide Sedation?

    There are many advantages to oxide sedation for patients who are anxious, including:

    • It works very rapidly. Nitrous oxide reaches the brain within 20 seconds and effects start to be felt in 2-3 minutes. 
    • Depth of sedation can be precisely controlled by gently increasing or decreasing the amount of nitrous oxide in the mix.
    • Oxide sedation wears off very quickly. In most cases you can drive yourself home afterwards, although it’s always a good idea to arrange someone to drive you home.
    • Nitrous oxide acts as a painkiller on the soft tissue and gum. Depending on the person, no further anaesthetic may be needed for procedures that don’t involve the teeth.
    • There are no side-effects on the major organs.
    • Oxide Sedation can minimize, or even eliminate, severe gagging.
  • What can you expect during Oxide Sedation?

    Within the first few breaths, you’ll start to feel calm and relaxed. There might be a slight tingling sensation through your body. Nitrous oxide is also known as “laughing gas”, and for very good reason: you’ll feel a little light-headed and suddenly may find many things very, very funny. Some people experience auditory or visual effects as well.

  • What can you expect after Oxide Sedation?

    Oxide Sedation wears off very quickly, so there’s not much to expect afterwards. You should be back to normal within 5 minutes after the procedure. 

  • When do you use Oxide Sedation?

    Oxide Sedation is an excellent choice for those who are anxious of the dentist and absolutely hate needles. It’s always important to note that sedation is never required. It’s entirely up to you how comfortable you feel with the situation or the procedure. If you’re perfectly relaxed and comfortable at the dentist, then there’s nothing forcing you to undergo sedation.

  • Who can’t recieve Oral Sedation?

    People with MS, emphysema or other notable chest problems generally aren’t suitable candidates. As it’s administered through the nose, patients with colds and flus usually can’t receive it. Discuss with your dentist prior. You can’t be allergic to nitrous oxide. Kidney, liver and heart issues aren’t a problem; neither are diabetes or epilepsy.

  • Can I get Oxide Sedation anywhere?

    Strict qualifications are necessary to be able to safely and legally administer Oxide Sedation. Not every dentist undergoes these qualifications so not everyone can offer Oxide Sedation.

    Market Mall Dental Care is proudly qualified to offer this treatment to our patients in NW Calgary. 

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