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If you're experiencing jaw pain, headaches or neck pain, you may be experiencing TMJ Disorder. At Market Mall Dental Care in Calgary, we can help you relieve the symptoms and seek treatment.

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What is the TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the connection between your lower jaw and the temporal bones of your skull.

Disorders and dysfunctions associated with the joint (sometimes referred to as TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction/disorder) can result in severe pain, persistent headaches, and disrupted sleep.

Left untreated, TMJ issues can have some unexpected and serious consequences.

Disease of the TMJ is very common. It’s estimated that one in three adults in will report one or more symptoms of TMD in their life.

Signs and Symptoms of TMD

There are many signs and symptoms of TMJ dysfunctions, or TMD. These include:

  • Pain when chewing or talking
  • Neck and/or back pain
  • Limited ability to open the mouth wide
  • A jaw that locks or has limited movement, either open or closed
  • Frequent popping and clicking in the jaw
  • Persistent headaches, particularly first thing in the morning
  • Ear pain or “infections” that don’t respond to medication

What cause TMJ Dysfunctions/Disorders?

These issues can be due to a wide range of causes, such as jaw injuries, joint diseases (like arthritis), grinding your teeth (bruxism), chewing habits, and strained head or neck muscles. Stress may also be a cause of TMJ disorders. 

To properly diagnose TMJ issues, you need to visit your dentist.

Treating TMJ Disorders

For patients who are grinding their teeth, our dentists may provide a custom night guard or mouth guard to stop the pressure on your jaw. For severe, persistent, or unmanageable TMJ problems, talk to one of our dentists. They’ll perform a thorough examination of the area, including X-rays if needed, and then provide the best treatment approach to solve your issues. 

Sometimes a referral to a physiotherapist is necessary. This is particularly the case if it’s determined that the TMJ dysfunction is actually originating from another part of the body. Chiropractors are sometimes referred if the source of the discomfort is discovered to be along the head and neck. 

You may also be referred to one of several dental specialists, such as an oral surgeon, an orthodontist, a periodontist or prosthodontist.

These people typically have many years of specialist training in the mechanics of the jaw and how best to treat them.

TMJ Treatment Options in Northwest (NW) Calgary

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